Ambassador of the message to the world that:
Otter's aren't pets!

I think many of you are lovely followers of Pip and her friends on instagram. Thank you for that!
The many people I can reach with my messages about otters, the better it is. And the more otters will be kept away from becoming a 'pet'.

I created a social media world around Pip. Not to promote the 'pet industry' to sell these beautiful animals as pets, but to show the world why they don't make good pets. 

I believe it's the human race who destroys lots of animals. Not only the extinction of species in the wild, but also the many numbers of abandoned animals in shelters show off there's too much going on when it comes to taking care for animals.

With a little help of social media, I'll try to educate people all over the world about the habits, needs and behavior of this unsuitable 'pet'. Do my best to convince people about that and make them change their mind about their wishes of having one for themselves. 

If the shelters all over the world are already overfilled, how will it end up for an animal species that's a billion times harder to take care for when you compare them to cats and dogs? 

If you love wildlife, let them be wild so they have the life they deserve.

At this page I show you a few very important messages I posted on instagram and facebook before. I would love to share those post with every single human being on the world. Please read it and understand it well after that. Because there is so much that people do not understand when it's about keeping animals. And in special 'wild animals'.


Some people just still don’t get it, or don’t follow this page good enough.
Every single day I receive questions like: "Do you have an otter for sale, I want one as a pet." or “Where can I buy an otter?” 

Well, this post is in special for the people that clearly have no idea about what they are saying.

Otters are WILD animals. No matter if their living close to or with humans, they stay wild. And that means they are very territorial, can bite very hard, you can never have much visitors (no friends, family) because the chance is big they bite everyone that doesn’t live in their territory and passes by. Because that is natural behaviour, you can not get that out of an otter. They aren’t domesticated like cats or dogs.

Otters are family animals. They always live in groups around 10 other otters. Keeping ONE otter... like everyone says they want... is a very sad story. They need a few compagnons to live and interact with. They are very vocal and need to talk and to be understand.

Otters need much space, much water, a home full of otter proof stuff (nothing is really), distroy everything what make them expensive because you need to buy something new, eat meat and fish, also LIVING animals because they need to hunt to burn enough calories, otherwise they became too fat (as most otters in captivity)...

I can go on for hours again to convince a few (I think new followers) of you that otters are definitely no pets. And they I know following the question is coming:

“But why do you have one at home?”
Well, for her whole story you can watch the story I wrote on www.piptheotter.com but I also want to add something because of the reasons I just told you about.

The “wild animal” thing is a serious struggle. Since Pip is almost an adult, she behaves very different like before to everyone that enters our home. She hs bitten (HARD!!) almost eveyone that she knew very well before. We can not let visitors come over a lot because we need to take care of Pip and our visitors. We always seperate the animals from visitors, because Pip has a lot of stress when there are strangers in our territory. There is a way to succeed a visit, but that takes a long time, much energy for me and Pip and we need to start meeting out of our home. She just isn’t sweet and adorable to other people.

As you read her story on the website, you know Pip was born in a ZOO. When I took her home to save her live, she hasn’t opened her eyes and ears yet. When those started to open after a few weeks, the first thing she saw, heard and smelled whas me. She sees me as her mother, and has never ever understand or recognised any otter smells, sounds and views. Because of the struggles with the ZOO owner we never had the chance to let her be introduced to otters early enough. So still, she only comminicates with me. Because I learned her a few sounds she understands. She and her animal friends are also a little bit communicating, but the most with body language.

And because she definitely sees our home and members as family, I think it’s sad for her to just put her in a group of otters (wich she could not communicate with) and take her out of her well known family. Yes when there will be a moment in her life where there’s coming some location on our path where I know she would be better off then here... I will be able to let her go. But that must be a really good place.

The space, the water, places to separate, keeping groups, the food, feeding living animals, knowing about otters, understand those animals and handle right, solve the problems they make, knowing a vet with knowledge about wild animals... many reasons (and there are much more) I know many people are not capable of keeping otters. And when you say “Otter is a pet”, I’m sorry, but then you are definitely not capable. But the most people have just no idea what they say.


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