Sam is a Bengal cat, Born at the 9th of Juli 2016
Breeder: BengalLegends

Otters are very close to their family. Pip clearly sees us as family from the start, but when we're leaving home for work, she needs to have a companion too. Being alone for an animal like her, isn't natural. So because they are such social animals, we believed it was necessary giving her an animal friend who's always around soon.

Before the whole situation with Pip, I've always loved the Bengal cats so much. Amazingly beautiful, full of energy and smart cat breed stole my heard. We also knew an active animal made the best companion for such an active girl like Pip. I already knew some very good Bengal cat breeders and visited the ones with a kitten available. That’s where Sam comes in.


I thought Sam had the perfect personality to become Pips bestfriend. He was very social, loves to play, a lot of energy and wasn’t very focused on food (what otters do have by nature).


Pip and Sam shared our new home with us from the first day we slept here.

I remember the first moment Sam saw Pip…. It was like… What the HELL are you?!

And Pip? She didn’t care at all, as usual….

After they get used to each other they were doing better than I hoped. After two days I took the risk for let them alone in their own room (we created an animal room in our home, yeah, the biggest one of the house!). And Happy me, mission accomplished! When I came home I saw them play together. YEAY! 


After that it was only getting better. They play together, sleep together, groom each other and even sometimes eat together.