Rox is a brown striped-skunk, born at the 12th of May 2017.

Although Pip and Sam did very well together, Pip was getting too much focused on Sam while playing. Sam did not get enough rest when sharing the house with her. So my idea was to get them a new friend, so Pip could share her energy with Sam and the other one.

I was thinking to find an other Bengal cat, but knew that te two cats were becoming more friends, and it was the idea to give Pip a extra friend to play with.

Now I want to explain to you all why I’ve chosen to search for a skunk as a friend for them.


There are billions of different kinds of living things (or organisms) on earth. To help study them, biologists have devised ways of naming and classifying them according to their similarities and differences.

The system most scientists use puts each living thing into seven groups (or taxons), organized from most general to most specific. Therefore, each species belongs to a genus, each genus belongs to a family, each family belongs to an order.. etc.


Asian Small Clawed Otter classified:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Carnivora

Family: Mustelidae

Subfamily: Lutrinae

Genus: Amblonyx

Species: A. cinerea


For a long time people thought (and some people still think) that skunks where part of the same ‘Mustelidae’ family as otters do. Because there are so many things in common when you take a closer look to their behavior, body, etc. But even they aren’t family, the chance they could hang out together because of what they have in common was there.

Of course it was still a little bit guessing and I did take much care of the introduction of those three together. And now I can say I’m so happy it worked out well!

Pip isn’t that much focused on Sam anymore and can give her energy to Sam, Rox and us as well. They have become very close all three and it’s lovely to see how different their personal interaction is.